Collection: Goelet Family Collection

The Goelet Family Collection documents the vaudeville careers of John William Goelet, Vera Jewel Hall, and their daughter Jane Grey Hall. John William Goelet was born December 6, 1872, in Mobile, Alabama. In his early years, John played professional baseball. He was also an accomplished musician. John petitioned and was initiated in 1918 as an Entered Apprentice Mason with the Olympia Lodge No. 864 of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons. Under the stage name of Goelet and Hall, John and his wife Vera performed their song and dance routines until John became ill in 1929. His wife and daughter, Jane, cared for him until his passing in 1939 in Chicago, Illinois. John was buried in Orrick, Missouri.

Vera Jewel Hall was born January 11, 1891, in Bonner Springs, Kansas. Vera began her career singing and dancing in Vaudeville at an early age, becoming an actress along the way. Her stage name was Baby Hall; she was also referred to as Baby Vera Hall or Little Vera Hall. At some point Vera teamed-up with Ed Raymond performing as a song and dance team, stage name, Raymond and Hall.

On October 15, 1917, Vera married John “Billy” Goelet and they became known as Goelet and Hall in the world of Vaudeville. Their daughter, Jane Grey Hall was born August 18, 1918, in Chicago, Illinois.

Vera later married Daniel C. Braun and lived in Chicago, Illinois, until his passing in 1962. Vera moved to Menlo Park, California, where she resided with her daughter Jane until her passing after a long illness, on May 18, 1971.

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