The American Vaudeville Museum, founded by Frank Cullen and Donald McNeilly, documents their life-long passion for American popular entertainment. Originally housed at the American Museum of Vaudeville in Boston, the collections were donated to the University of Arizona Special Collections in 2008. The Museum collection encompasses the variety and diversity of Vaudeville as an art form. The breadth of the collecting by Cullen and McNeilly is what makes the archive an invaluable resource to scholars and aficionados alike. Housed in Special Collections at the University of Arizona, large selections of the collection are available online as part of this digital archive. In addition the collection is available for research in person through Special Collections.

Visit the Archives

While a great number of the archive’s items are accessible online, we highly encourage people to see the items in person. Learn more about visiting Special Collections at the visitor page.


The American Vaudeville Museum digital archive at the University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections was made possible with a grant from the Joseph and Mary Cacioppo Foundation.

Special appreciation goes to Michael-Ann Young, President of the Joseph and Mary Cacioppo Foundation for her generosity and Dr. David Soren, Regents Professor at University of Arizona School of Anthropology. David, your vision and love affair with Vaudeville is what brought this digital archive come to life. Special Collections is eternally grateful for your enthusiasm, and support in the building of this digital archive.